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Ferrari Opens a Pop-up Exhibition in Daegu

May 17 th , 2019 – The world-famous supercar brand, Ferrari, holds...
May 17, 2019

May 17th, 2019 – The world-famous supercar brand, Ferrari, holds the “Ferrari Portofino Pop-up Exhibition” in Daegu from May 17th to May 23rd.

With Ferrari’s very first pop-up event held in Daegu, Ferrari plans to deliver Ferrari’s charm to the visitors and strengthen the relationship with its customers in the region. Daegu pop-up exhibition will be held at the Daegu Shinsegae department store from May 17th to May 23rd. In addition to the Ferrari Portofino exhibition, a separate space has been prepared for sales consultations.

Ferrari Portofino is Ferrari’s most powerful convertible model equipped with a 600 hp V8 engine that takes only 3.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h. It also combines several convenient factors such as spacious interior, roomy boot, and two rear seats. In addition, this model features refined bodywork lines and has a retractable hard top that takes only 14 seconds to completely open. Since its release in South Korea in March 2018, it has established itself as Ferrari’s flagship convertible model, attracting a lot of attention around the world.

“Following the opening of the pop-up exhibition and service centre in Busan, Ferrari holds the Ferrari Portofino Pop-up exhibition in Daegu to strengthen the relationship with customers from the Yeongnam region. Also, we look forward to communicating with customers in Daegu and Yeongnam region more closely and hope to have a great chance to convey the brand’s values and philosophy through this exhibition,” said Kevin Cho, General Manager of FMK, the official importer of Ferrari in Korea.

* Period: May 17th (Fri.), 2019 ~ May 23rd (Thur.), 2019 – Closed on May 20th

* Place: Daegu Shinsegae Department store

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