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Ferrari Portofino inspires special piano composition By Jiho Shin

(9 November 2018) Ferrari’s latest GT model – the Ferrari Portofino - has...
Nov 9, 2018

(9 November 2018) Ferrari’s latest GT model – the Ferrari Portofino - has served as a source of inspiration for popular Korean pop pianist Jiho Shin in the creation of a piano composition. .

Shin’s composition - “To Portofino and Beyond” - captures the Ferrari Portofino’s elegance and performance through a piano melody.

The theme song translates the freedom, driving pleasure and Italian excellence into notes, giving listeners a different way of experiencing driving the 600hp Ferrari Portofino on a beautiful open road.

Pianist Jiho Shin said that “Driving the Ferrari Portofino has given me a feeling of freedom similar only to the one I can feel in front of a blank sheet of music paper. The way I fill the blank space results in a different sound of music – which in turn can be experienced in a different way from the audience. It is the same with the Portofino. The Portofino tribute song is a result of the emotions I felt when driving the car, expressed in my own unique style.”

A dedicated video featuring pianist Shin’s performance of the Portofino tribute song is available on Ferrari Facebook, Instagram, ‘Ferrari.com’ and Youtube channel.

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